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spring turns to spring

spring turns to spring

Those were my first kdramas I watched 

2005: Sad Love Story

2005: My Lovely Sam Soon

2009: Boys Over Flowers

2010Personal Taste

2010Sungkyungkwan Scandal


Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Saeguk/Historical, Comedy

Tags: Happy ending, Gay relationship


I know my stats show that I watched lots of "Love triangle" but they just happened to be an element in the dramas I watched, I hate Love triangles.

I also hate when love (romance) comes over family. For example in Come and Hug me, it focused too much on romance and ruined the drama for me, the family members were always in danger while the guy is always sleeping around with the girl and hanging around her uselessly.

Favorite BL/Gay series with amazing chemistry:

Favorite BL/Gay series based on a novel

Only watch these at your own risk, I loved them but you might not because there was a lot of censorship and the series ended without completing the story. But the novels are amazing and you can love the short series adaptations if you read the novels first. The novels are translated on wattpad, they're beautiful.

  • Addicted Heroin:    

                  LinksSeries |  Translated Novel Book OneTranslated Novel Book Two

  • Advanced Bravely:

                  Links: Series | Translated Novel

  • Yandai byway no.10:

                 Links: Series | Novel 

  • Beloved Enemy

                Links: Series | Novel

 Other favorite BL/Gay series based on a novel: Both the series and novel are amazing

  • I Love You As A Man (Also known as Like Love)

                 Links: I Love You As A Man or Like Love (same thing) | Novel VOL 1 | Novel VOL 2

Favorite Korean dramas with a comedic relief: (Not focused on romance)


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