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Darlene January

United States

Darlene January

United States
The Legend of Dugu
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by Darlene January

5 days ago
55 of 55 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
Sitting on the Throne is a terrible thing. When the family is young, it's #familyisallwegot Then when they get of age they all fight for the throne. I really do not like that concept but that is the way it was back decades ago. My favorite two actresses in this piece were believable so kudos to them. "Hu Bingqing" and "Ady AN" thank you, I applaud you with your great acting skills. There is one actress, I don't really care for because I watched her in "Legend of Fuyao", there is just something about her I'm not impressed with. Her character in Legend of Fuyao was the same as in this drama playing Dugu Montuo (Li Yixiao), I felt she jumped out of Legend Fuyao and landed in Legend of Dugu! The storyline was okay... not something that I would get goosebumps over but it was workable. The switching of hubby's got to me. None of them ended with a person they truly loved. They all got played by the females. I loved the bad guy in this Drama series, Jeremy Tsui, I saw him in another Drama where he played a good guy and he does bring his personality charm to making this character different so thanking him. The other character I loved was Yang Gian. I love the costumes, the music was okay, and the visual effects. The one piece I really loved was the Sword dance displayed by HuBingqing and Zhang Danfeng (my favorite). Thanking all of the remaining and supporting cast for their work and participation in this drama.
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