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The best Chinese xianxia drama of 2019, if not of all times! Xiao Zhan covers similar roles, with the exception that on The Untamed he is main lead unlike on The Wolf when he covers the second male lead.
Recommended by Alice Wang - Oct 4, 2019
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Based on the same novel as the drama Noble Aspiration, the movie Jade Dynasty is an action fantasy, with light comedy scenes that can put a bright smile on your face. The brilliant acting of Xiao Zhan on the main role is what makes this movie a worth watch. He again does a phenomenal job portraying the immature, clumsy and innocent Zhang Xiaofan the best way possible. Although it might feel a bit rushed towards the end, the overall feeling is a good one. Great CGI, good cinematography, great music and most of all great acting. It gives you another taste of the endless capabilities of Xiao Zhan's acting skills and facial expression.
Recommended by Alice Wang - Sep 24, 2019