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Special Actors japanese drama review
Special Actors
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by twolips
Nov 28, 2020
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 8.5

Anxiety meets Inception meets Cult

You know a rollercoaster? Holding on to the bars, loops, the anticipation of a drop? You think you're going to drop but they cut in with an unexpected element; you can't see what is ahead of you. The adrenaline rush this movie makes you feel should be illegal, but that's the intended impact as if you're riding these waves of emotions and turns with protagonist aspiring-yet withdrawn-actor Kazuto.

It starts out by him getting stabbed, in the chest, during an audition. So he's fine, right? No. He faints after being confronted on his mediocre acting. Prone to seizures when confronted or placed in stressful situations, he barely gets by auditions, let alone life. Short on money, skill and hope, he crosses path with his estranged younger brother, Hiroki, who is too an actor. Just not one we'd normally think of. Hired by the "Special Actors" company, Hiroki persuades Kazuto to face his condition and aspirations head-on. Together they each take "stabs" at the different jobs accepted by the company, filled with actors and actresses alike and an eccentric boss. That's until they have to take the drop in the biggest job yet; infiltrate a cult.

Given a normal movie with unexpected ending(s), the rewatch value may diminish with every watch. However, Special Actors fleshes out certain issues and reminds us that at times we have fears that paralyse us beyond what is necessary. This reminder, since we tend to forget, would make the movie upon rewatching if not as good but even better than the first viewing. This is as we realise tiny details (overlooked in the first viewing) in the production that further layer this impactful story. Through Kazuto's forage, it makes sure to stab you with this important lesson every (re)watch; fears are vague and if we want to get better we have to turn on the light to see them clearly and tackle them head-on. Sometimes, we naturally find ourselves on the rollercoaster to that light switch. Sometimes...well the rollercoaster ticket can be bought ;)

Fantastic movie, I'd definitely be watching it again soon, let me know what you think!
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