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Chasuke's Journey japanese movie review
Chasuke's Journey
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by twolips
Nov 10, 2021
Overall 9.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 10.0

Writing this review months since my last watch, that's how good it is.

One of those movies that you will rewatch. I seem to remember scenes from this movie from time to time that prompt me to rewatch it (at point of writing I've seen this three times).

Not surprisingly, as a movie on the Story of Life, this movie does a good job at purposeful exposition. This value adds to the characters as you understand the choices they make leading up to Chasuke's popularity. You'll come to understand that the writers in the afterlife may not be morally motivated, but simply write in a way which entertains themselves. Essentially, Chasuke descends to earth as he attempts to save Yuri. Over the course of the film, the viewer is also left to mull over the fact if he is simply just another written character or truly someone with full control of his life.

I found the characters simply charismatic and engaging throughout the film, besides the fantastic Matsuyama Kenichi as Chasuke and Ohno Ito as Yuri. Iseya Yusuke's portrayal of Hikomura was superb, as a character clearly given the shorter end of the stick in life. This movie will get one thinking; if everyone was given mercy and grace, would we truly be at peace, or would there simply be more chaos? For that value add, wonderful OST/music and magnificent visuals, this is a must watch.

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