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Diner japanese drama review
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by twolips
Nov 14, 2021
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0

I'm not kidding you, just watch it

This movie was an unexpected god sent. I was on a dorama and movie slump of mildly entertaining movies until I chanced upon this. I was scrolling through Tamashiro Tina’s credits and let me say; I’m very much blown away. Even with the edge that Tamashiro often brings to her movies, this movie is definitely one of her best projects. Eventhough the movie starts of unassuming, even then it has excellent production quality. It looks like a theatrical production even from the get go. It simply just gets more vibrant and more addictive as the movie set branches out into this punk rock eye candy diner restaurant that Bombero runs. I took intermittent pauses watching this and I was still drawn to Bombero and Tina and all the other characters that made this movie picturesque.

All the actors, Tamashiro, even the supporting characters were outstanding in this. Its just how magical and mystical this movie is. The OST is FANTASTIC. My gosh, the only movie I have given a 10/10 for music/OST. The upbeat moments were paired with ecstatic music and the more action packed ones had background tracks which got my heart pumping. Let me say this is one of the few movies that made me actually happy at the end from the reaction pov.

As for the plot, blown away. How can a movie be this addictive is so many aspects? I just wanna rewatch it as I am typing out this review, given that I’ve literally just finished it. Highly highly (I cannot stress enough) recommended. A layered movie that has no nonsense yet balances between being complex yet not convoluted and leaves you highly entertained. What are you doing still reading this, just watch it!
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