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Sam Arora


Sam Arora


25, Ambivert, Male (남자) from New Delhi, India. I'm addicted to Asian Content especially K-content!! Been in the Dramaland since 2016. 

First K-drama was DOTS. Ever since then I've never looked back and transitioned to Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese Dramas and Movies too but my first choice are still K-dramas. 

I can watch any Genre and any Drama BUT My Drop Rate is quite high like no joke! It's over "50%" according MDL stats. Which means that I never push myself to complete a Drama if it doesn't feel right to me. Otherwise if I somehow get grasped by the Drama within 3-5 Episodes then I don't drop even if it's a Clichéd one. 

All Time Favourite Dramas : SWDBS | WFKBJ | While You were Sleeping | Reply 1988 | Fight for My Way | Prison Playbook | Eurachacha Waikiki | Because This is My First Life | Just b'ween Lovers | Signal | Stranger | My Mister | Shopping King Louie| Chicago Typewriter| Scarlett Heart| Children of Nobody| Misaeng | Tunnel | My Father is Strange | Marriage Contract| Life on Mars| Another Miss Oh | Slave Hunters | Be Melodramatic| Once Again| Hometown CCC| I can Hear Your Voice| Mother | Itaewon Class | Our Beloved Summer| CLoY | Goblin | DOTS | Come and Hug Me | Watcher | Six Flying Dragons | Run-on | 38 Task Force | Partners for Justice | Pegasus Market | High Kick 3 | Five Enough | Healer | Chief Kim | Sound of Your Heart |Romance is a Bonus Book | Terrius Behind Me | Racket Boys

Favourite Non-Korean Dramas : Put Your Head on My Shoulders | Moonlight | My Little Happiness| You're My Glory | The Romance of Tiger and Rose | Our Secret | Begin Again | To Fly with You | Perfect and Casual | Unforgettable Love | I don't wanna be Friends with You | A River Runs Through It | My Heroic Husband | Joy of Life | The Oath of Love | Hidden Love

Favourite Variety Shows : Little Forrest | Coffee Friends | House on Wheels | Hostel in Spain |


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