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My Romance From Far Away thai drama review
My Romance From Far Away
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by JulesL Flower Award1
Jul 8, 2022
29 of 29 episodes seen
Completed 1
Overall 8.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 7.0

A kitchen sink full of tropes but so fun to watch!

My Romance From Far Away was cheesy and cliched but I so enjoyed it! With a good-looking cast, lots of witty and lowbrow humor and physical comedy, as well as themes focused on life teaching and character growth, this show gave us endearing scenes that made me laugh and feel good. There were also moments that made me want to slap the characters but problems were quickly resolved. After one annoying episode, a heartwarming one would follow. Plus we get the most satisfying ending ever!

With all episodes now fully subbed in English, it is an easy and bingeable show.

The plot was nothing new - high society girl found herself in a traditional northern Thai village and ended up falling in love with the ML while experiencing some humbling personal growth. The ML also went through character growth as he overcame his feelings of insecurity about differences in status and wealth. In between, the side characters had their own enlightening experiences.

I appreciate how the show highlighted the northern Thai traditions, food and dialect. I also like that the show made fun of itself and its genre like the ML ’s father comparing him to the male leads in the old lakorns. Strong, stubborn and silent, Khunkhao, the ML often frustrated the viewers because he was slow to acknowledge and reluctant to vocalize his attraction and eventual love for the FL. The most irritating parts were when he was so naively dumb falling for the schemes of his so called ex. Just like in the old dramas LOL!

Still, Khunkhao’s actions were definitely louder than his words and ultimately just like other lakorns, we would forgive the ML for causing pain to the FL and we would cheer him on. Puen portrayed Khunkhao well except his stony gazes at times came across as being blank stares. He is just so adorable though when he smiles and I have been a fan since I watched him in Likit Haeng Jan.

Bua played our clumsy, cute, and plucky FL, Thofah. Even though I was at times annoyed at Fah’s inconsistent behavior; mostly brave and confident but also often became the whiny damsel in distress, I still rooted for her all the way because she was just so optimistic and determined. Bua looked amazing in all her outfits. In fact, a shout out to the stylist for this show since the clothes (modern and traditional) were lovely. I am not too sure about Bua’s acting. She did pull off the transition of Fah well; from the spoilt “money can solve everything” character who was used to getting her way to a more self-aware, humble and sympathetic one. However, there was something off about her expressions that sometimes made me think that her make up was overdone.

Together, Khunkhao and Fah made the romance come alive so enjoyably that it kept me coming back for the next episodes. Apart from our main couple, there were a 2nd couple and a potential 3rd couple. The relationships may have developed differently for these other couples, but their path to being together was also a fun watch. The supporting cast, especially Khunkhao’s parents, and his wingmen In and Jan also deserved credit for adding flavor to the story. Khunkhao’s father, Uncle Taeng has got to be one of everyone’s favorite characters since he was so wise, kind and patient, and was singularly responsible for making our leads reflect and progress.

The soundtrack list was short but memorable, and by that, I mean the songs were effective in evoking memories of the scenes for me. I like the opening song, and it reflected the lighthearted and fun tone throughout the show. For posterity, I included the song list at the end of this review.

Overall, I do recommend that you try out this show. Whether you need to cure bad-day blues or just a distraction, adding this series to your watch list might do the trick!

Songs featured:

รักได้รึเปล่า Ost.อ้อมฟ้าโอบดิน | ว่าน ธนกฤต - Wan Thanakrit

เหตุผลที่ยังหายใจ (Still) - Tan Liptapallop x Tookta Jamaporn

คำตอบของทุกอย่าง - No One Else
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