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나는 너의 집에 있을수도 있다 ...


나는 너의 집에 있을수도 있다 ...

Thanks to the 2020 COVID Quarantine, I discovered Asian dramas. Now I'm addicted,  & my life will never be the same.   <3

'알려 줄까... 내가 어떤 사람인지?' ~ 악의 꽃 
'Should I tell you, what kind of person I am?' ~ Flower of Evil

Unhinged?  네 맞아- 저는 정말 그래요.    (^-^)/

I'm not here to argue with anyone or pick fights. It's not worth my time & I just don't care enough to do so.

I watch dramas & movies depending on my mood for that day/week/month. My ratings are based solely on how likely I'd rewatch something or not.   [9/10: most likely. 5/6: unlikely.]

걱정 마세요!I don't bite.               well, not usually...   0.o

~  smile , it'll be ok  ~


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