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Begin Again chinese drama review
Ongoing 8/35
Begin Again
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by Lillian Yang
Oct 30, 2020
8 of 35 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
This review may contain spoilers

Super strong female charisma attracts me badly!!!

It is my favourite type of melodrama with strong female character & cool handsome male leads.
Great chemistry between the leads makes me flutter & sweet...

The drama is about a marriage story between a strong & rich CEO Lu Fang Ning and her chosen perfect man, Dr. Lin...

LFN is a lady with over confidence & cold-hearted personality who works so hard to get approval of her capability. Because of her dad’s forced advice of marriage & having a child, she decided to plan a one year contract marriage with a perfect man and get a child with him.

She accidently met Lin Rui at hospital & chase him & forced him to marry her...Lin Rui has quite straight & honest personality & didn’t agree with her first. However, he finally agreed her to marry as he found out she was the one he used to know when he was young & wanted to know her more. But, LFN didn’t know about that & thought he agreed because of loan problem.

LFN tried so hard to get LR by using various ways but don’t get him even after marriage. When LR got to know the truth that LFN just wants a baby with him and will end their marriage after one year anyway, he rejected to cooperate with her. He thinks her idea is totally ridiculous & quite upsetting him as he desires her to keep him even after one year marriage.. He believes that only the true love between parents can bring up children well...

On the way of LFN chasing LR, he will make her believe love & fall in love with him.. awww xo xo sweet & funny...

The second ML is Lu Fang Ning’s little uncle who was adopted to Lu family since young & cares LFN a lot. Lin Rui is jealous when LFN gets close to SML and it seems he loves her unnoticedly & his actions tell it all haha... But, SML will has his own love line with a cute company staff girl who likes him after several incidences..

I expect all the love lines in this drama will be quite interesting & have more points to watch...
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