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Similar makjang style with 100 episodes, filled with secrets and murder.
A tragedy occurs for three women, caused by greed and desire.

Yoo Soo Yeon grew up with ordinary parents. She falls in love with a man from a chaebol family and marries him. Her life seems to mirror that of Cinderella and she is envied by others, but her life isn't easy due to mistreatment from her in-laws.

Cha Hwa Young is full of greed and desire. She tries to keep her upper class life.

Go Mi Sook is a private moneylender and she owns a franchise restaurant chain. She is a good person.
Recommended by Blue World - Oct 14, 2022
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Hesitation Before Going to School is a prequel show for MBC show called 'My Teenage Girl' where a number of 83 girls from age 12 to 23 participate in a survival show in order to debut with the final lineup. The show takes on the format of an after
school extra-curricular activity, and the 83 contestants
are divided into four grades (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th)
based on age. The exact same cast are participants and same judges as there is on show.
Recommended by Blue World - Dec 4, 2021