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“I'm a sucker for Chinese drama so recently 

I'm learning how to watch Kdrama but 

I mostly live in Cdrama land"

? My rating based on my preference / taste?

10/10  ??  Loved the drama + was happy while watching it + definitely rewatch  

 9/10 ?? Loved it + Could've been 10 but something was missing + a favorite character died +maybe a rewatch 

8/10 ??  It's an Okay drama +It was good at least + nothing much to it 

7/10 ??  All the characters came together to chat on set + wasted my time 

6/10 ??WTH did I just watched? + wasted my time + wished I didn't even see it 

5:4:3:2:1/10 ?? WTH?  + give me back my time + literally a useless drama

No rating means it literally doesn't even deserve anything from me 

Liu Yuning is my guilty pleasure because listening to his voice is something that I still can't explain. Zhou Shen is an amazing singer as well. When these two are together in a drama then please be ready to be blessed with some beautiful songs. 

Chinese Drama


Xianxia /Wuxia /Historical 

??Happy Ending??

?Strong Bad-ass Female Lead ?

??Hot Chemistry Between Leads ??

Korean Drama 


Historical (hanbok ?) 

?Strong Female Lead ?

?Hot Chemistry ?

? Fashionable Casts?


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