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Lady Boy Friends thai drama review
Ongoing 1/9
Lady Boy Friends
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by violet Vee
Mar 15, 2024
1 of 9 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 8.0

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First Impression: Lady Boy Friends

**My review is only towards the first episode nothing more. My review is also based of my reasearch and following of the series from casting to first episode. *** (warning the first episode i would say it was slow for a reason and that because it mostly introduced the cast before they get into the story line so if your expecting it to go fast then you will miss inportant things that will go on later, also you got to remember not all companies have the same budget to film stuff so judging just based on the quility then you being to judgmental every series i watch with new eyes in mind. )
***Overall: I love how the series first episode is the right paced it tells you all the charectors and what group they are in school. I like to rate first episode going this is not a remake of the first series lady boyfriend from 2015. if you follow the Lady Boy Friend page on Instagram the director added new things detailing with all area issues with the LGBTQIA community and what they go through. On the Instagram page you would find and be able to watch the interviews of each actor. You would know there views on the series and who they play as well. This series have differnt types of scene that relate issues that been still going on in the community. I feel the director wanted to go back in to the 2015 area to show what issues were of that time frame which is the same issues from know a day times. Yes it talks about body shaming, racial issues. male/women and trans women stereotypes. You can watch it on WETV with vpn

Trigger Warnings: racial terms, trans women/women/male stereotypes, body shaming, bullying,

**I tell you what i like and did not like in the first episode i will update when i watch the 2nd episode
What I Liked***

- all the scenes that explain who the actors were.
- The funny sound track
- i loved the message the actor was putting out about wanting to wear what he wanted accoring to how he felt at his or her gender. ( love the outfit he wore to express his or her individually
-like how there differnt actors with differnt ways
- it has subtitles( thank you for working hard on that director) ( weather you know it or not the person that turns in the film has to give subtitles for the app to use)
-Yes there is 21 actors but there is only about 4 main actors again reasearch is key check out Lady boyfriends Instagram page
-all actors are adorable most but all are new actors that have not had any roles or just side or guest appearance some shows and or did something minor for there school.
-i love that Kadyness of all three clicks in the series the beautiful tro Yut, Pran, Nut and the olive gang Bell,May, A and the newbie two person group pat and So
-i love the fact that the director took his time in explaining who the charectors are
-i love how they show what goes on in the mind of 10 and 11 grade kids and the issues there dealing with.
***Couple things i am looking for in ep 2 and up are
More charector development between Jet and New and lots more charector development between boss and pete the one thats somewhat telling the story about his school life.
- comedy sound effects could be a bit better (the background in some parts were kind of hard to hear cause they were fighting the elements but thats what made it even more realistic of a school setting.
Again i be watching ep 2 to see more develop then i will update on ep 2
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