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Jul 30, 2022

Female lead is irritating and makes it hard to watch this drama

I saw the vision the writer had with the female lead but execution was done horribly. The female lead and her character absolutely ruins the show. I understand having a bias against the male lead but she takes things too far all in the name of “justice”. Or what she claims is justified, all while her terrorising behaviour is ignored by her fellow police peers. She’s so strict on everyone else with the law, but is blind when it comes to her clear harassment and breaking of the law, when it benefits her while abusing the male lead. Currently only watching this show for seo in guk and the other characters. The show would have been much better with another female lead or a female character who wasn’t so annoying to watch on the screen. I genuinely feel the urge to throw something at the tv whenever she pops up on the screen. Her role is so annoying and has no purpose except antagonising the male lead because of he biased beliefs. On the other hand, this show is very comedic and interesting to watch but would have benefited from having a female lead character that wasn’t so annoying. Rewatch value 1/10 due to the fl actions. Im trying my best to continue watching this drama but by episode 6 i had enough . The male lead is awesome with his acting and they tried thier best to put comedy in every scene which is the only thing that had me going but the humour was mostly acying and not the concept . The female lead with oversized black coat was boring. This would benefit from another female lead or a better screen writer.

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