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two different places at once :)


two different places at once :)
Two Weeks
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by 94loveKdrama

Jul 11, 2014
16 of 16 episodes seen
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Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 8.5
I was hesitant at first in watching it because I've come to know that its purely an action story and no romance at all.. you know I love love stories, but after few eps... I was like WHAAAAAT?! there is!! yup there is! believe me! to all of you who didn't watch this drama because you think there is no romance in it, then think twice! :D wanna confirm if I'm saying the truth? THEN GOOOOOO WATCH IT!~ ;) have you tried lining up to ride in a roller coaster? what about being into a roller coaster? you haven't? are you curious to know the feeling? then go watch this drama for you to know, if you experienced riding it then you'll understand me why I compared it in a roller coaster after completely watching it. :) This drama made me anxious, relieved, thrilled, frustrated, stress, it has its up and down, made me fall into tears then smile. I was supposed to score it 8.5 but then I changed my mind and I scored it 10^^ and yeah like the other said the ending was satisfying ;) There is a touch of romance in it, something about 5%, I thought it was sad but towards the end it was beautiful :). Of course the story focus on the run, chase packed of action, hide and seek, and survival ;) Acting: all cast are great I love them all especially soo jin!! she soooooo cute and adorable!! asdfghjkl! Jang tae san, seung woo and in hye are my favorite character^^ ~omooooo!! I'm gonna miss them all of them especially soo jin! Music: damn! just from the very start of this drama you'l hear it! and boom! I like it!!~sooo cool! for me I won't gonna re-watch it, 1 time viewing is enough. :) recommended to everyone and highly recommend it to those who love a run and chase story. Overall score 10! I don't give score technically I based it on my feels! :D
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