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two different places at once :)


two different places at once :)
Fav Oppa's in 30's
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Why oppas in 30's are way too handsome and charismatic.They get better as they age, just like wine.Looking so fine❤

Favorite Character
8 0

Basically the characters that I love from dramaland. RJY : Je SooHo of lucky romance most adorable male lead in dramaland YGS: Mu Hyul My favorite…

13 0

Dramas that I'll never get tired of re-watching and feelings stay the same over time. Drama's that I missed/long for. My girl: I watched it…

Favorite Dramas
16 0

dramas that I really like, and filled my feels w/c manage to catch my heart♥

my oppa~♥
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guys who made it to my oppa of the month, this is one of the reason why I can't be a loyal fangirl. lol In orderly arrange based on how I like…

Favorite Actress
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I'm very picky when it comes in choosing my favoirte female actress, its hard to pls me when it comes unnies because a pretty face is not enough…

historical dramas
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I never felt good watching historical dramas but..... it all changes after watching The Princess Man because of this drama it made me feel that…

Favorite OST
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List of drama's with awesome soundtrack that makes me listen to it like everyday. an all kill, meaning all the soundtracks gives me so many…

second lead syndrome
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#1Second male lead syndrome is when you like the Second Male Lead more than the Male Lead. As you can see its rare for me to acquire it. It…

My first
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my first..... meteor garden - asian drama I've seen Lovers in Paris- kdrama I've seen my girl- kdrama I got addicted to The Princess Man- Historical…

oh my boy!^^
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they can't be my oppa so I'll be their noona. boys that I like

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my favorite child actors and actress... my cutie dongsaengs :) (in orderly arranged)

so close but..
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these are the list of dramas that made me supeeer addicted and liked it from the start but at the later part it didn't manage to keep me. I…

eye candy
8 0

guys who didn't make it to my oppa of the month but they're definitely sweet candies to my eyes :>

best ending ever! :)
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the title says it all♥

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some of them are totally not villain in dramaland I just treat them like one cause they get on my nerves. lol ps: most of them are second lead…

bitch noonas
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This are the list of great actress who made me hate them in dramaland. lol ps: again not in real life. XD :))