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Wow! Nice Figure Season 3
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Mar 3, 2022
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tldr; new found family

This is my first season of Nice Figure and I only watched it bc of Ziyi but I rly fell in love with all the other members of the show. To be honest, the games itself were quite boring(?) most of the time but what I enjoyed most was seeing ALL the members together and having a meal together and talking. As the episodes went by, you could tell how they really went from 2 groups to 1 big family and seeing that was really wholesome! They really found a new family with each other.

What surprised me the most was Ziyi. I didn't expect him to be someone who introverted. If I had to use 4 words to describe him it would be 慢热(takes time to get close to) + 暖男 (sweet boy). At the start of the show, you could tell he was really comfortable with being alone and keeping to himself. But despite that, he was always constantly looking after his team mates (e.g the time when he told them they couldnt drink coke because they just exercised). I love seeing how he went from being this introverted fit boy to becoming basically a clown HAHAHAH after he got close with everyone, he just lost his filter and you could see he was just very comfortable with all the members.

Xiao Tang def hard carried the show many times with her laughter and amazing personality. I love her chemistry with Ziyi and how she's always bickering with him and Youwei and Jiuliang. I think she was one of the members that rly managed to push Ziyi out of his shell ;;

This show will really make you gradually grow attached to all the members of the show!!! It's the first time I ever watched an entire variety series + additional clips because I just love watching all of them interact with each other <3

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