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Lady & Liar
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Jul 11, 2015
46 of 46 episodes seen
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Overall 7.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
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My expectations were not high when I started the drama. It was raised when I saw Hawick Lau's character as Bai Lang. Suave and smooth. I fell in love with the character. Tiffany Tan was described as brave, courageous, and kind--very naive. She was brave when she acted against Bai Lang and charged into enemy territory. Though it was stupid, it did suit her character. But that character disappeared half way through the show. She became another stereotypical damsel in dramas. Where did her courage and bravery go? Did she drop it? Well, she didn't bother to go find it cause the drama lost spark half way through the drama. The only thing that kept me going was Bai Lang. Suave.

The second leads were bearable. I didn't like the thief, Xiao Han's character at first. Her character was only an annoyance and didn't really spice the drama. After going through more than a third of the episodes, her character was better. Her acting was explosive as an antagonist. Though, not to reveal many spoilers, her character description based on previous actions didn't really suit her later actions. Like the damsel, she dropped her character and forgot to pick it up.

The second male lead annoyed me the most. I may be biased towards Bai Lang because he was so hot but the second male lead only served as an annoyance. I didn't feel anything for him.

Overall, the script went stale after 20 episodes. The beginning kept me interested because Bai Lang and Jiang Xin's chemistry was too cute for my heart. But after that, it went stale and boring.

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