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Risou no Kareshi japanese drama review
Risou no Kareshi
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by Akazy
Jul 17, 2022
8 of 8 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 4.0

Very good cast but average in story towards love.

Until episode 7 its story is going in good pace mixed with betrayal love and slight romance. Its slight disappointing that story make love as a multiple choice question for actress who doesn't resist anyone towards approach her. Its makes bad impression on lead actress think of something else. Its finally depends on her who she choose?. If she goes with lead actor who is 'jin' cartoon maker than it'll be slightly fair else this drama consider as flop end.
At first I had lots of expectations by reading synopsis but as episode approach further it gets love entanglement which ultimately being down romantic angle. To much bees approach towards flower which ultimately ruined flower and story just like "To much cook spoil the food" .
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