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Welcome....Take A Seat...
A little about me before we begin...
My name is Azra (19). I'm going to college this year in October 2023I plan to be a kindergarten teacher. My fav animal is panda, fav color is black and my fav flower is orchid...Ok so
All Time Favourite Actress Must Be Shin Hye Sun.

My favorite role of hers is in Mr. Queen  and Angel's Last Mission: Love.

All Time Favourite Actor Is Kim Myung Soo.

My Favorite Role From Him Is In Angel's Last Mission: Love  and Secret Royal Inspector.

When I watched the kdrama Angel's Last Mission: Love, I immediately started shipping them.
Look at that chemistry....
Enough about them, let's move on...
Favourite Kdrama Now Is Weak Hero Class 1.
Favorite Movie Now Is Mission 1: Possible.


Wish I Have Brain Like That....

Bad Boy FUNNY!

Like Him A Lot...
This Bad Boy HOT!

Want To Have His Personality...
OK... Bad Boy

I'm Looking For You To Be Better....
They Are Both Funny and Cute.

I want to have a trio like this. It's not too late, I'm just going to university.

Can't wait for season 2 for both

Other all time favorite actors and actresses.
Kang Ha NeulJi Chang WookSon Ho JunLee Yi KyungLee Jin Wook
Jang Na RaKim Ji WonLee Si Young
Yoo In Na 
Kwon Na Ra

Other all time favorite kdramas and kmovies.
All of Us Are Dead
Go Back Couple
Inspector Koo
Move to Heaven 
My Roommate Is a Gumiho
Bring Me Home
The Himalayas
A Diamond in the Rough
That's What I Call Plot Twist....I Had To Put His Cute Face Here...
Great Movie Tho
Damn...I Learned A Lot From This...Couldn't Watch Second Time...
Too Much Tears In One Night...

Still Working On This....


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