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Hello! I am a bi in their twenties. 

I've been a C drama fan since childhood, a Kdrama lover since 2015 (Stan BTOB for smoother skin, cleaner hearts, and a softer soul), and a bl/gl stan since 2017. Im pretty lazy when it comes to content, but when i put something up, i try my best to please

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My rankings (for tv-shows and Movies)

1-3.5: I wish I'd never seen it. this has caused me to lose too many brain cells. I wouldn't wish it on anyone except my middle school bully,  bailey.  (EDIT: I've healed, she shouldn't also have to suffer this misery)

4-5:  I prob lost a brain cell or two after finishing this

5.5: there was too much wrong in the show for me to enjoy it.

6-7.5: it was a good show, but was lacking in some aspects that didn't make it great.

8: STANDARD (i really enjoy shows) its something that I can enjoy, the pros and the cons weigh each other out

8.5- I liked the show but didn't exceed my expectations, I just enjoyed it a little bit more

9: this show was above my expectations, had some flaws but made up for it in some way

9.5: this show was above expectations, I absolutely enjoyed this show. well made, creative, all-round a great show

10: this show EXCEEDED my expectations, my thought process, and the way I viewed it. was all-round a PERFECT show.... or it was just something that I enjoyed so much that I didn't care about its flaws


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