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Hou Ming Hao - the birthday's speech to fans (English sub), BDay Party Beijing 2019-08-03:

the birthday's speech 190803 - text ver English & Chinese (corrected): 
fancam HQ 侯明昊 focus:

cover song  《别怕我伤心》 by Hou Ming Hao  侯明昊 - the voice I love the most:

Neo's BDay Party 190803 -  《天真有邪》 Live:

Neo's BDay Party 190803 -  《我们俩》 "We Both" Live:
fancam HQ video-direct

Neo's BDay Party 190803 -  "Angel" Live HQ
fancam by: 姝_shuuuuu (as indicated on video logo)

source (original video):

Neo's BDay Party 190803 -  "Angel" Live HQ
video by 白菓兒 [INTERPHOTO] - direct:

Neo's BDay Party 190803 -  "Angel" Live HQ Full
fancam by: Fascinateboy (as indicated on video logo)

source: [Fascinateboy侯明昊个站]

Hou Ming Hao - 《脸谱》 Live ("Cambrian Period" OST)
Brand Event Shanghai  2017-12-21 (rehearsal version):

cr: FascinateBoy

hot guy in black - Neo's dance - BDay Party 190803:

Neo's dance BDay Party 190803 - fancam HQ:
vid2 (侯明昊 focus) 

Hou Ming Hao - "Shake It Up" dance ep.7:
Neo's speech at the end of ep.7 - English translation in comments under the video on YT

Hou Ming Hao - "Qi Tian Da Sheng" dance - "Shake It Up" ep11 FINAL:
Neo's words after the final performance - ENG translation:
- the speech video /stage interview:

———————♡ All For Neo ♡———————

Neo 侯明昊 super topic - the currently shared videos catalogue:

an alternative path to access list of videos shared in 侯明昊 super index:
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Hou Ming Hao's interview "WWWY" BTS - shooting at swimming pool (eng sub by VIDfish)
Hou Ming Hao "WWWY" BTS - scene in the washroom "fan service" (eng sub by VIDfish):

Hou Ming Hao's interview eng sub - "The Birth of An Actor " 171209 (after performance):

source:  ❀ THANK YOU to the PERSON who did the subbing!! ❀

Hou Ming Hao interview on JING's Talk Show 181227 - English subtitles by ❀Ling Qi❀

-part1 (05:54-07:44):
-part2 (playing the accordion):
-part3 (singing bel canto):
-part4 ("Grandma" Wu Yan Shu about Hou Ming Hao):
-part5 (message from Hou Ming Hao's mother):
-part6 (30:30 - 32:00):

- part7:
- part8:
- part9 (friends about Hou Ming Hao):

Hou Ming Hao for CHICTV (chicteen) 190120 [subs: HMH Philippine FC]

Neo & Sophie's stage performance in "The Birth of An Actor" ep. 7 aired 171209
YT original video Zhejiang TV: 
eng subtitles by Ling Qi ( "ling_qiiii" on instagram):
part 1 
part 2 
part 3 
part 4 
part 5 
part 6 
part 7 
part 8 (added later as "part 7.5")
part 9 (uploaded as part 8) 
part 10 (IG: part 9) 
part 11 (IG: part 10) 
part 12 (IG: part 11) 
part 13 (IG: part 12) 
part 14 (IG: part 13) 

Hou Ming Hao interviewed by Tencent Sports (Beijing, 13th June 2018)
full interview (video 11min): 
an abridged text version published on: 
English translation of the text version:

Hou Ming Hao's pre-BDay speech at Brand Event on July 31, 2018

fancam vid: 
Chinese & English: 
"Do not cry, don't cry, don't cry (talking to fans around the stage)
In fact, what I want to say is...
In fact, I know that it’s not easy for me to walk with you on this road.
You have been waiting for me silently, accompanying me, supporting me,
going through/experiencing together with me...
Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry 
(talking to fans)
Yes...right, I won’t say it.... they will get more excited/emotional 
(pointing at fans crying in front of the stage)
Anyway, thank you very much.
What I want to say to you is
All your waiting will not be wasted/will not be in vain.
work hard together."

Hou Ming Hao's kuwo music interview [interactive Q&A]
text original Chinese - source:

"Cambrian Period" BTS - Hou Ming Hao talks about filming & his experience (Neo's part at 04:16)
eng subs by Alice /Productive Procrastinator

the chief producer of "When We Were Young" (and Yao Ke Media Vice President) 王柔媗 Wang Rou talks about the project "彪悍", the meaning of "biao han", the drama production, about selection of actors for their roles, how and why Hou Ming Hao got casted, and what concerns he had about Hua Biao's broad grin:
- the interview of Nov 24, 2018:

the producer of "Cambrian Period" Grace ( Liu Yi) about casting Hou Ming Hao for the role of Jian Zi:
"I remember clearly the day when Little Monkey (Xiao Hou Zi) 侯明昊Neo came to audition for his role, the light in the office was not good , but I can still clearly see the cleanness and pureness of his spirit from his smile and eyes and when he wore the mask (face mask) he became completely cold and sharp, and cool. There's nothing else to be said, that was the Jianzi in my heart, there's no-one else. He was the first person to be selected in the entire drama." [translation: Alice/Productive Procrastinator]

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