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Polish girl born in 80s, more or less ten years older than 侯明昊 (Hou Ming Hao), and a devoted fan of his for around six years since 23rd August 2017, the day when I heard his voice in the song 《脸谱》 while watching an OST music video for the drama "Cambrian Period".

It was the first time I could hear Neo sing and it got me captivated, never before had I met a male singer to impress me that much. I believe one day Neo will get a chance to fulfil his dream of music and release an album of his own, so far it's been mostly OST songs and some covers. I will be always waiting.

  • Neo's best songs to date - the ones which represent the highest capability of his vocal:

    《脸谱》 OST 2017
    《岁月不待人》 2018
    《人不彪悍枉少年》 OST 2018
    《生如狂澜》 OST 2019
    《正青春》 2019
    《呼啸的风》 OST 2021
    《战胜》 Winter Olympics Beijing 2022

some videos of 侯明昊 on my yt channels:

BDay Party'19 "Angel" LIVE
BDay Party'19 "Perfect" LIVE
BDay Party'19 《我们俩》 LIVE
BDay Party'19 《少年时》 LIVE
BDay Party'19 《天真无邪》 LIVE


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