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Gabe TheGay


Gabe TheGay

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by Gabe TheGay

Apr 16, 2018
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Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.5
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The story is well built and has lots of good elements to it. What I really liked about this show rather than others who do the whole" girl dresses as boy;" was that not all characters found our really soon that Pi Ya Nuo was actually a girl. In other shows like "You're Beautiful" or "To The Beautiful You" they didn't find out until really close to the end which was pretty great. When Du Zi Feng found out that Pi Ya Nuo was actually a girl was really placed in perfectly; him keeping the secret until it was time was very well done.

The characters were very well rounded even the minor or supporting roles. Most shows like this the characters don't develop very much other than the main roles but this one had all characters develop which was great. The relationships on the side were good too because they actually developed slowly and were rally good. In "Coffee Prince" the other relationships were rushed or ended badly in "Bromance" they develop slowly and end happily and satisfyingly. I usually don't like other relationships developing on the side of the main relationship but Qing Yang and Na Na's relationship managed to bring me in and want me to know more about it and see it become something. The relationship between Zi Hao and Guang Chao was too predictable to me because of how much Zi Hao didn't like Guang Chao and because of how Guang Chao kept perusing her but it was still nicely done and it was nice seeing it rise slowly. Chu Zhe Rui as a love interest was a good addition even though he didn't get the girl you could clearly see him developing as a person.

How they got rid of the antagonist Wu Han Sheng was nicely done too it was a tad cliche but it worked. Although they could've kept him and had like him slowly like Ya Nuo or have him have a very deep, distinct background that he was actually in love with Zi Feng would've worked too but how they did it was nice too. When Zi Feng's father couldn't remember and Han Sheng was showing up more I really knew it was going to be him that was responsible for Zi Feng's fathers disappearance. But learning that Han Sheng's father had covered for him was shocking to me because I thought that it was Han Sheng in it alone and seeing their relationship really deterred me from actually thinking he helped; having Han Sheng's father be forgiven slightly was a wonderful and well crafted moment in the show.

Zi Feng finding his father was a good addition too because you expected it but you didn't know if it would actually happen. At first I was a little confused when he saw his father at the fountain because I thought that it really wasn't his father and he was just thinking things. But seeing that it actually was his father really comforted me and also helped with Ya Nuo and Zi Feng's relationships grow. Having Zi Feng's father like Ya Nuo more was a fantastic thing to do because Ya Nuo could get close to his father helping Zi Feng also get closer, she could also help with him recovering his memories, and Ya Nuo and Zi Feng both trying to recover his memories really was a big thing that helped them get closer. Seeing Zi Feng and Ya Nuo's relationship flourish was lovely to watch and the things that helped build up to it was great too; like when they brought in Zhe Rui you could tell that Zi Feng was slowly figuring out his feelings for Ya Nuo.

Now the kiss scenes were done very well and it wasn't like some other dramas where they lightly touch lips it was a real kiss like they truly meant it and weren't acting. The scenes where it got a little racy weren't like other dramas where they're sometimes very aggressive and fast or really droned on where it got to the point where it wasn't very good; they were sweet and ended at the right times. The kiss scenes and the scenes where it heated up a bit was very strong and beautifully perfected; there was clearly emotions there that you don't see in most dramas.

All in all the show was beautifully done the ending was short and sweet but it really hit home. This is the second drama I ever watched and I was happy that I did so because it was a lovely show and I'd definitely watch again to see what I missed when I first watched.
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