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I love Asian dramas on a hole, currently heavily into BL. Just finished reading Chapter 167 of Advance Bravely. My favs Asian dramas/movies are It started with a kiss and most of the remakes, definitely not Miss in Kiss or the three-part movie ... Boys over Flowers, Boss & Me, Descendants of the Sun, Eternal Love, Three Lives of Cherry Blossom, Along with the Gods, Bleach excluding Live-Action, Crazy little thing called love, Dark Blue and Moonlight, Love by Chance, Seducing Mr. Perfect, Strobe Edge,  Cheese in the Trap, Clover, Devilish Joy my gosh that kissing tho, whew, and Faith and many more. 

Hello I'm Azura aka Zura, now this site while awesome as it connects us all, let me put out my disclaimers:

It is not a hookup site for me;
I will not send my picture;
I don't engage in sexual conversations with a hope that I can fulfil some intention you may have;
I genuinely like discussing topics that are meaningful to you and me;
I like learning about different cultures;
I'm not Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny so don't look to me for presents or money.

I don't particularly like pet names and I'm not a princess and never wanted to be. If you need to see a picture of me to have a conversation, don't waste my time or yours as you won't get it. If you don't need, lets
converse and learn from each other.



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