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Hi there, I’m Bea!

I’ve been enjoying Kdrama watching since 2015 and I’m still in disbelief how time has passed since then. Like, whaaa? How come?! When I first started I didn’t expect to get so into it. 

It all began at a time where I felt there was nothing interesting enough to watch and then Boom! Suddenly, I had plenty!

The reason why Kdramas appealed to me was the episode format and the original, unique and exciting plots. There was no need to wait for countless seasons to be released or fear cancellation. Just like it usually happens with American tv shows  (which I still keep up with). Right now, this fact is probably making you chuckle since the Korean entertainment industry has been drastically changing the “16 episodes/1 season format”. But oh well, as long as great writing is involved I’ll keep watching.

Some of my all time favourites are:

1.Empress Ki

2. W Two Worlds

3. Queen for Seven Days 

4. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

5. Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryo 

(...) And the list goes on.

Watching schedule:

I watch mainly currently airing dramas. I can take the pain of waiting for weekly episodes. But when I can’t, it just means the drama is THAT GOOD.

College life took away my binge watching habits.

My go-to genres:

A bit of everything. I’m a sucker for Romcoms but also enjoy a good supernatural thriller. Historical is that special genre that allows me to learn so much more about Korean history and culture. It’s WHOLESOME.

Favourite Actors;

FAR TOO MANY xD I need to update my list because they keep changing. One day it’s Ji Chang Wook and next thing I know I Stan Lee Joon Gi, then Park Bo Young and then Lee Yoo Ri. Right now it’s Jang Ki Yong and Lee Da Hee. xD

Currently watching:

*Search WWW


I know it’s short but this pretty much sums everything up.

Thank you for passing by!  



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