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Orthros no Inu
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by Byaku-chan

Mar 17, 2012
9 of 9 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
I just finished the drama and all I can say is; I loved it. The story is interesting, it catched my attetion as soon as I read it. The actors are great and the characters whom they play are really interesting. The background music is good and I'm sure I'll re-watch the whole drama within a few days because I liked it so much :) I think that the plot is really original, it's way more than your usual good vs. bad battle you see in other supernatural drama's. This drama asks the questions everybody copes with while warching the serie; "What is good? What is bad" "Is doing the social right thing, really the best thing to do?" "Who decides what's wrong?" "When doing the wrong thing will save many others, is it still not the right thing to do?" The drama is about 2 guys who are exceptionally gifted with a special power yet are cursed at the same time.... They never asked to be born with those powers, they just happen to have them. It's not always nice to posses something others don't have. Because when you're special, you're different from others. Being special, being able to do inhuman things causes the people around you to envy, hate or wanna use you. When you make one decision, it'll always have consequences for another. People judge them based on their personal ideas or situations and get mad when they don't act according to their ideas. But who gets to decides what the right decision is? Society? The people with power? The people with money? Or them...? Both Nishikido Ryo and Takizawa Hideaki are great actors and portray their character perfectly if you ask me. They are able to keep their own personality through the story even though you'll see that they, just like the people around them, slowly start to change. Even though they change they won't lose their personality, something I really liked (which happens often in drama's). Even though this drama has only 9 episodes (there were circumstances during the filming, I read that both actors got sick or something) I liked the ending. I know not everyone will agree with me but it's better than I expected and quite fitting with the rest of the story. To make a long story short; if you like supernatural drama's with a lot deep psychological moments this is an absolute must watch :)
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