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Well hello. What a start..

There's nothing much you need to know. Although I might be just saying that because I barely know myself and the good bits are yet to come. Probably I'm just lazy writing now. But hey, that gives you a chance that one day you¨ll find your soulmate here just from the description you'll see. I should just repeat myself now. Here we go. Probably not.

I think I got a second wind now when it comes to asian dramas. I'm still working on adding few doramas I saw in the past (but those are just the classic ones so I don't feel the need to put it up here, although I'm really planning to). Also what I'm not feeling atm is giving an evaluation because I would have to explain that some things I watch only for the sake of getting to know what my fav actors are up to and even though I might super like it in the end and normally I would give it 8, because of their presence I could end up giving it 9. Oh great, I just did explain it. Huh. Naah. Still not feeling it. 

Anyway, I over-worked myself now so I'm gonna stop now but hey! I might be back soon and put some fun facts here. A 'lil sneak peak? I have a doge. It is not the kind of official doge dog, he is a regular different breed but I can't stop speaking of him as doge instead of dog. 

Wow. I bet you're all fired up like "yep. def worth reading it all". 

You're welcome.



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