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My name is Joanna and I studied English at the university (MA) and German at the local college (BA). Now I teach English and German. As you may already know I love learning foreign languages. I learn Spanish, French and Korean on my own (or at least I try to).

What I really also love is looking at the sky. Wish to see northern polar lights. Simply admire to look at sunsets, sunrises, clouds, thunderstorms, rainbows - Nothing happens twice, even if time is making fools of us sometimes.

 Someone may say that I am daydreamer but I'm never wasting my time. All rights reserved to those "dreams" that have been written down by me in the form of a mysterious story. One day it will be published as a book - I am working on this series right now.

I used to write more traditional letters some time ago & can start it again any time :)

Love manga & anime - check my profile on MyAnimeList

"Reading is my superpower " and I am really addicted to books. Feel free to add my on Goodreads.

I also write reviews for books. MY BLOG - Zakładka do Przyszłości (in Polish)

Wish to study psychology - how our brain produce dreams and nightmares, the ability to manipulate our dream worlds and other stuff like that.


  1. reading books
  2. and writing one of them
  3. learning  foreign languages - my studygram account
  4. photography  - my bookstagram account
  5. manga & anime,

If you want to be penpals (pen friends) just let me know! I love writing letters as well. Exchanging emails (if we share interests) would be also great!

Languages I can speak: 

  • Polish (native), 
  • English (fluent),
  • German (almost fluent - I am telling you, I am ALMOST there, just keep watching),
  • French (forver beginner),
  • Spanish (I am getting better and better, but still beginner. I started it not so much time ago).
  • Korean (A1)

My OTP (One True Pairing) Couples from K-Drama





You are perfectly right - I had two OTP's in "Cheese in the Trap" (also my first K-Drama ever) so can you even imagine how difficult this story was for me to watch? XD

PLUS: The Truth About You and K-drama?


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