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My name is Joanna and I studied English at the university (MA) and German at the local college (BA). Now I teach English and German. As you may already know I love learning foreign languages. 

What I really also love is looking at the sky. Wish to see northern polar lights. Simply admire to look at sunsets, sunrises, clouds, thunderstorms, rainbows - Nothing happens twice, even if time is making fools of us sometimes.

 Someone may say that I am daydreamer but I'm never wasting my time. All rights reserved to those "dreams" that have been written down by me in the form of a mysterious story. One day it may be published but now it is just for my pure pleasure of writing as such. 

I used to write more traditional letters some time ago.

"Reading is my superpower " and I am really addicted to books. 

I also write reviews for books. 

Wish to study psychology - how our brain produce dreams and nightmares, the ability to manipulate our dream worlds and other stuff like that.

HOBBY : reading books- writing and painting- dancing (zumba), postcrossing, photography (the sky /clouds /sunrise and sunset), psychology and dreams, manga & anime, geography, mythology / legend and the supernatural ;)  MY BLOG - Zakładka do Przyszłości

If you want to be penpals(pen friends) just let me know! I love writing letters as well. Exchanging emails (if we share interests) would be also great!

Languages I can speak: 

  • Polish (native), 
  • English (fluent),
  • German (almost fluent - I am telling you, I am ALMOST there, just keep watching),
  • French (forver beginner),
  • Spanish (I am getting better and better, but still beginner. I started it not so much time ago).

My OTP (One True Pairing) Couples from K-Drama


What ... Why ..... Who wrote this drama? :D






You are perfectly right - I had two OTP's in "Cheese in the Trap" (also my first K-Drama ever) so can you even imagine how difficult this story was for me to watch? XD

BTS should appear in k-drama. I really need them to appear more!!!

I love them all but... there is always someone special :)

PLUS: The Truth About You and K-drama?


If you are looking for a great TV series, then you need to check out The Flash from CW


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