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Cat oh cricket

Asian Drama World

Cat oh cricket

Asian Drama World

Live Chat for any Asian drama  

As those who know, know that - I'm not active on social media or mobile or mobile apps - 

The only social media i'm on is - Twitter for society and politics - that profile isn't for mentally unstable  fandoms. 

2nd is Mydramalist - that's it.  

Today i logged into my discord after 10 months and saw something.

I prefer forum and blogs platforms so am not with current technology time to do things and all.

1st episode dropped dramas - more than 215

2nd episode dropped dramas - more than 175

Dramas dropped after watching 80-90% of the episodes - more than 75

drama dropped at 50% -  215+

Overall more than 1000 dropped dramas

2000 dramas attempt crossed in 2023.



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