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Depressed sad potato. 

I am a dreamer who never gets any dream fulfilled. 

I watched my very first kdrama in 2017 but because of the busy schedule, I couldn't start any other drama till the summer of 2018. Right now I am hooked on them( I watch only Korean dramas though). 

Dramaland is beautiful, it can give you a love story you can never experience in reality and make your heart skip a beat alongside female lead, it can make you detective in some cool thriller, the main lead of horror story or even a psychopath. Obviously some dramas will disappoint you or make you mad for a long time but that's all just another fun side. It can make you cry and laugh. 

Dramas can make you forget the real world for a short period of time. So I think this is why I watch dramas most of the time( more like I am obsessed, all my free time goes to kdramas and GOT7&EXO) xD (and oh well my favorite actors & plot twists make me be glued to the screen.)

Not much to say about me,  just a random person.

Nice to meet you!


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