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Mar 20, 2017
Overall 8.5
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
I wrote a review/comparison of the live action and the manga on my blog I do go more into detail there: http://wp.me/p87mzW-5Z6 Story (10/10) I really enjoyed the premise of dating for seven days and finding out if you do or don't like the person you're with. Personally, I do think 7 days is enough to know if you do or don't want to continue a relationship, especially if you're hanging out so often, which is how Yuzuru and Seryou were. I loved their interaction Casting (10/10) I originally read the manga first and casting is one of those big issues I have when stuff gets live action adaptations. I honestly didn't have an issue here as the actors fit Yuzuru's pretty features and Seryou's handsome/playboy look Acting (6/10) I did have some issues with the acting. One of Yuzuru's biggest features, aside from having a pretty face, is his expressiveness. I didn't feel Yamada James Takeshi captured that in his acting. In fact, his expressions didn't really vary to me. Hirose Tomoki did a better job, only because he had more unique expressions (the smirk, the swagger), but I also think he could have done better. Unlike other dramas I watched, the acting here was more realistic and more in line with what you would see an everyday person doing Music (7/5) I have no complaints but nothing stood out either Rewatch Value (8/10) I do think I could rewatch this, however, not immediately. It is short enough where it doesn't feel like you're stuck to a TV for too long and it ends at a place where watching this in 2 sittings isn't awkward Overall (8.5/10) I'm a huge fan of this story and the manga, and to see it faithfully following the manga really made my day! I do seriously think the acting could have been better and it does give off the feeling of being low budget, but still I recommend checking it out. Especially if you like Boy's Love
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