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Seven Days: Friday - Sunday
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Mar 20, 2017
Overall 8.5
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 6.5
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
I wrote a review/comparison of the live action and the manga on my blog I do go more into detail there: http://wp.me/p87mzW-5Z6 Story (10/10) I really enjoyed the premise of dating for seven days and finding out if you do or don't like the person you're with. Personally, I do think 7 days is enough to know if you do or don't want to continue a relationship, especially if you're hanging out so often, which is how Yuzuru and Seryou were. I loved their interaction. This is the second half of Seven Days and it gives enough information at the beginning to refresh our memories if we didn't watch this in one sitting. Casting (10/10) I originally read the manga first and casting is one of those big issues I have when stuff gets live action adaptations. I honestly didn't have an issue here as the actors fit Yuzuru's pretty features and Seryou's handsome/playboy look Acting (5/10) I decided to drop the acting score on this one because Fri -> Sun is the more emotional part of the movie. It's where the characters will break up at the end of the week and where they need to decide how they feel about the other. I don't feel we had the right emotions all the time plus the whole issue with little expressions I mentioned in my review for Mon -> Thu Music (7/5) I have no complaints but nothing stood out either Rewatch Value (8/10) I do think I could rewatch this, however, not immediately. It is short enough where it doesn't feel like you're stuck to a TV for too long and it ends at a place where watching this in 2 sittings isn't awkward Overall (8.5/10) I'm a huge fan of this story and the manga, and to see it faithfully following the manga really made my day! I do seriously think the acting could have been better and it does give off the feeling of being low budget, but still I recommend checking it out. Especially if you like Boy's Love
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