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My introduction to East Asian Dramas was 'Playful Kiss' (Korean Version). Though it seems outdated today, so tropey, so cliche and so annoying, but at that time, around 8-9 years ago when I first watched it, I was hooked. Since then, watching dramas has become a relaxing hobby of mine. This is me watching dramas:

There's magic to be found in some dramas and I love looking for it. I have found it in Nirvana in Fire, Joy of Life (both seasons), While you were sleeping, Signal, Reset, Twenty Five Twenty One, Summer Strike, Word of Honor, Legend of Fu Yao and many more. These are a few of my favorite ones that enchanted me and left me in a dreamlike state (which sometimes meant that I was a crying mess). I love a drama that gives me a good cathartic cry and 90% of the time, it's the cdramas because they are basically experts at giving a completely vague, metaphorical, abstract ending that makes it hard to resist tears. Big fan.


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