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About me: 

Brown skin..Blonde hair..Black eyes..Asian..

Drama Queen..dwells in dramaland..

Binge watcher..exploring all Asian dramas..

How it started:

It all started around September long weekend in 2016 ( don’t exactly remember before or after) ..when not sure what to do and idly browning and refreshing Facebook feed..I came across this Dramafever ad 

Still not sure what (may be Lee Joon Gi acting skills) made me immediately buy the membership on dramafever to watch this series and thus it...they was never looking back..

Binged ..many dramas..started exploring and adding Taiwanese and Chinese dramas to the list based on synopsis but never got into I thought K-dramas alone are my cup of tea..and I can’t take more than 20 episodes.. and the language seemed easy..until..

A Viki ad in 2018 changed my idea ..

This time I knew it was Ethan Juan and the wu-xia  genre ( and the fact I was running out of supernatural/martial arts K-dramas ) .. so bought Viki pass as well. Taiwanese..Thai..

Still not into Japanese and Philippines.

My Ratings:

I rate based on my mood and how I take the drama.. I am an Asian and I relate to the culture. So I don’t rate based on feminism..western culture..blah..blah..

don’t judge me..I just relate to the character and it’s’s simple..

If I could watch incest in worldwide famous series Game of Thrones ..Then I can watch  parenting in BOF..I can watch Herem in Yanxi Palace..I can watch Slap and Kiss in Sawan Biang ..and I rate accordingly..

Current Mood: Lakorns..


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