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doki doki


doki doki


I use the full 1-10 rating unlike mostly every other K-fan. Every single entry on this site never goes lower than 7/10 and people hand out 10/10s like "the perfect drama" or "the perfect movie" is an easy feat.

Every K-fan uses rating system like it's almost religious and rating any lower than 7 is blasphemy, and will earn them divine punishment from Korean drama gods. And 90% just rate purely for the visuals, "OPPPAAA!!! ermaigerrdah! *Squeal*  10/10"  -- no, that's not a review that's just excessive fangasming.

Think about it like this, if everything was rated as perfect then doesn't that mean nothing is actually perfect but more along the lines of normal?

I review objectively, I criticize all aspects and not just get lost in great visuals. I've rated dramas with actors I absolutely love, lower than 5 and rated dramas with actors I don't like at all, higher than 8.

Here are the ratings and their meanings:
10/10 perfect
9/10 almost perfect, but great nonetheless
8/10 some room for improvement but very enjoyable
7/10 good, a few problems here and there
6/10 average, nothing special
5/10 not good or bad / boring
4/10 some critical failures
3/10 character/s and/or plot failed to be relevant/accurate to each other
2/10 needs almost complete revision
1/10 horrendous, failed in all aspects
0/10 cannot be rated, no personal interest


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