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doki doki


doki doki


Hi, I'm Doki. That's the name I go by on here anyway. I have a wide range of interests, and I also have an account on MAL. I mostly use this as a collection of what I've watched, with the occasional review. Have a look around if you'd like. I'm active sporadically, so if you see me unloading 20 entries at once, and disappearing for 2 months -- that's about right.

Disclaimer: I use the full 1-10 rating system, much unlike mostly every other K-fan. Almost every entry on this site never goes lower than 7/10 and people hand out 10/10s like "the perfect drama" or "the perfect movie" is an easy feat accomplish. I can't speak for everyone, but I'd say most people want positive and negative reviews to help them decide whether or not to watch something.

Rant: Every K-fan uses the rating system as a religious practice and rating any lower than 7 is utter blasphemy, as if it would earn them divine retribution from the great Korean drama gods. And 90% just rate purely for the visuals, "OPPPAAA!!! ermaigerrdah! -- *squeal* -- 10/10"  -- no, that's not a review that's just excessive fangasming.

Consider this, if everything was revered as perfect then wouldn't that mean nothing is actually perfect but more along the lines of average?

How I review: I review objectively, I criticize all aspects and not just get lost in great visuals. I've rated dramas with actors I absolutely love, lower than 5 and rated dramas with actors I don't like at all, higher than 8. Attractive visuals are dime a dozen, but a well written story is few and far between. The former is innate and ephemeral, the latter takes effort and leaves a lasting impression, and if it manages to have both -- that is perfection.

Here are my ratings and what they mean:
10/10 - Perfect (spoiler: there is no such thing)
9/10 - Practically perfect
8/10 - Some room for improvement but very enjoyable
7/10 - Good, could've been better
6/10 - Slightly above average, negligible enjoyment
5/10 - Boring, forgettable
4/10 - Some critical failures
3/10 - Character/s and/or plot failed to be relevant/accurate to each other
2/10 - Train wreck
1/10 - Appalling, failed in all aspects
0/10  - Cannot be rated, no personal interest


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