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I watch at 2.5x - 3x Speed, there are so many dramas to watch.

My first love are jdramas/movies for their ability to speak to parts of my mind/ heart and staying with me long after i have watched some of them. I appreciate their simple, quirky characters that are everyday normal people with hidden fears, fetishes (haha) and many other crazy scenarios in their lives. Trying to learn Japanese so I can watch what I want.

I also have a huge appreciation for Taiwanese,Thai Lakorn and BL dramas. I think Im currently suffering from Kdrama fatigue and have not watched as many  Kdramas as before. But I always try to make time for the ones that interest me.

I would love to explore more Filipino dramas but have not been successful in easily finding any. Let me know if know where to watch some.

I'm also a book worm that enjoys many different genres including smut,manhwa and manga. 


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