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1-3: Hated it, why would anyone else enjoy it

4-5: Disliked it but I can see why others might like it

5.5-6.5: Just okay, not bad but not great, nothing special

7-8: Liked it but had some minor flaws

8.5-10: Loved it and will rewatch 

I don't believe I have given a 10 to any drama since nothing is ever really perfect and I often will skip over reviews when others give it a ten for that same reason. 9.5 is high praise coming from me. A rating of 5-6 is reserved for dramas that are pretty, shot well, or acted well but I either did not enjoy or found boring and am giving kudos to the team for the effort put in. 4 and below is reserved for shows that I truly despised and would not recommend that anyone waste their time on, often meaning I'm frustrated that I wasted my own time on them.


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