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Why do you want to know?


Why do you want to know?

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                                          Just a cupcake loving person with a small (or not) drama obsession.  

Note: I have 100+ people on my friends list right now, and because I don't want the list to get too long, I'm being a bit selective with the requests I accept. 

If you send one, it'd be great if you could also message me as to why you've sent it :) 

Two of my favourite Series:



I've decided to make myself a loose rating "system". Most of the time, I rate purely on gut feeling and I might not always follow my system. For example I gave LBC 7 stars, not because of any definable flaw, but simply because I wasn't feeling it.

0-7 stars: Bad acting, unentertaining script, badly executed plot, dislike and wouldn't recommend or rewatch.

7.5 stars: For series that were just bearable. Cringy script, ok acting, and boring plot. Don't hate, but wouldn't recommend and wouldn't rewatch. 

7.5-8 stars: Ok acting, bearable plot and script, but some flaws. Don't hate, probably won't rewatch, might recommend. 

8.5-9 stars: Good acting, great (or almost great) plot, good script, a few minor flaws. Like, might rewatch, do recommend.

9.5 stars: For the ones that ALMOST got there, but not quite.

10 stars: For self-proclaimed masterpieces or just series I just really enjoyed. Amazing acting, fabulous plot, lovely script, if there were flaws, they were small enough to be overlooked. Love, would rewatch and do recommend. 

If you have any good series to recommend that I haven't seen, feel free to message me!


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