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Japanese filmography would one of my personal favourites among Asian countries. If I happen to be online at the moment... I'm probably looking through tons and tons of those just to most probably tag them as  "completed", as I have seen way too many.. 

Korean series on the other hand give me lots of trouble.. I usually end up either putting them on-hold or completely drop them, maybe melodrama is a bit too much for me, maybe because of triangles,  or maybe heroines are too bothersome or maybe I'm getting way too into the story and end up checking further episodes too much. xD Though Korean movies are very nice :) UPDATE: I love the fact that females are becoming stronger and independent and don't go into crybaby mode half way through series. aawww yes!

Both Taiwaese and Chinese series and movies are cool, but I'm still noob inhere, not yet devoured by them, but it's time to change it, I guess..

anyways, have a good day! :3


I'm also available at: (also trying struggling to update..)


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