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Hidden Love
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Aug 6, 2023
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Story 9.0
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The sweetest drama of 2023

I have been waiting for this drama since last year when i found out lusi was filming this drama after she finished filming gen z.. i love this pairing , because previously I've also watched dramas from Chen Zhe Yuan. so I was happy when I found out that they were paired up in the drama. I know that Lusi is the queen of chemistry, she has charm and chemistry with all of her co-stars,
but lusi with chen zhe yuan is very different, their chemistry is very good both in the drama and outside the drama.
Even though the plot is rather simple, this drama has quite complex characters and backgrounds. especially when ML fell in love with FL and tried to pursue FL. this moment was so sweet that it made all the viewers always smile to themselves when watching this drama. The chemistry between FL and her brother was also very good, they were two funny siblings.
Well IMO this drama is the best romance comedy of the year 2023

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