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Somewhere on Earth


Somewhere on Earth

Hello,Hi,Salam,Annyeong,Bonjour,Hallo,Ciao,Eho,Hola,Sawasdee! XD

I'm one of hardcore drama addicts in MDL. Mostly I'm watching drama from KOREA, KOREA and KOREA( This indicate my biggest devotion is to K-dramas). Also those from TAIWAN,JAPAN,THAILAND,WESTERN and sometimes from CHINA based on what country's mood I'm in. Eight years of study shows that it can change at any moment.  ^^

My Priority List in Dramaland :-



P/s:Every girl's wish.And you're my very wish! ^^o

Become mine since :-



P/s: Plz don't make that face,oppa! *tachycardia* XD

Become mine since :-


P/s: All about that smile and dimple. Yummies! XD

Become mine since :-




P/s: The looks in your eyes,oppa... is killing me XD

Become mine since :-



                        Image result

P/s:He is sexiest human being being born on the earth! Don't worry even if you're a gumiho, I'll marry you heartily XD

Become mine since :




P/s: My cutie pie XD

Become mine since:-



P/s: The way you look at me oppa...*melting* XD

Become mine since:-



P/s: He's a boy and he's a man XD

Become mine since :-    





P/s: A smexy alien ^___^

Become mine since:-


Currently Watching K-Variety Show :-

Running Man, 2 Days 1 Night S3, 3 Meals A Day S4  & Law of The Jungle (Mongolia)

Currently Watching Western TV Series :-

The Walking Dead S7

My crash & obsession at the moment :-

Currently, I'm watching this one philippines drama and I found him! Now you're mine JR! hhahaha <3 <3



He's so damn good looking, sexy & adorable! Is'nt he??  *puppy eyes*

I also love the OTP. They have a great chemistry onscreen (^^o)






JR <3 NL forever!

Quote of The Month :-

Rice By Chun Yang Hee

  • To you who used to eat a lot of rice because you are lonely,
  • To you who sleeps a lot because you are bored,
  • To you who cries a lot because you are sad,
  • I write this down.
  • Chew on your feelings that are cornered like you would chew on rice.
  • Anyway,life is...
  •  Something that you need to digest. 
  • [Let's Eat]


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