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Neverland, maybe.


Neverland, maybe.

Kathi. 25. European, currently struggling with my thesis, so what even is an identity? Not for grad students, that's what. I'm a bit of a mess in everyday life (or, as some of you psychology nerds might understand, a stereotypical ENFP) but at least my bias (...) and avatar pic haven't changed for 5 years or so, eh?

I like dramas, it's an on-and-off thing for when I can't find any exciting variety shows to watch. I finish more than half of what I started in a good phase, so I joined this page to talk about the ones I do enjoy (and keep track of my own lazy arse if I start and forget some at 3am when I shouldn't be).

I'm actually more into music of all sorts, starting with rock, going on with blues, jazz, dance, R'n'B, hip hop and ending with, you guessed it, K-pop.
My original non-Asian favourites are Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Dire Straits, Billy Talent, Bloc Party, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kings of Leon, Incubus, Green Day, Weezer (you guessed it, I'm sorta into Cali-based bands for the most part) and Death Cab for Cutie. I absolutely love live concerts and hope to see all of them in time, and then again.

The Korean groups I'm most attached to are Royal Pirates (nostalgia and hope, I suppose, once Sooyoon's back. Also, support James' new projects, if you please), IMFACT (MA BOYS WILL RULE ONE DAY, YEP), iKON, Infinite, VIXX, Monsta X, 24K, FT Island (mostly for Hongki only) and MYNAME. I used to be pretty much into GOT7, HIGHLIGHT, EXO, ZE:A, all of SuJu (not so much after Siwon and Kangin were stupid and the fandom got blind), Big Bang (minus Trash-ri), BTS, F.Cuz, U-KISS and CNBLUE (now minus Jonghyun), too, but I mostly just have attachment left, I don’t listen to ALL of their music non-stop anymore - I'm merely hyping the occasional comeback or solo activity.

I hate having to speak in past tense but since the last months have not been nice to my long-time loving fan heart, I'd like to remind y'all of the ones we've lost to the harsh reality of entertainment (why is this list so long, seriously): Let's take a moment for SPICA, EXCITE (I'm old, ain't I? Veteran's discount for knowing them, anyone? #Iowntheironlyalbumok), SPEED, HIGH4, MADTOWN (support Geon, Jonghwa and Daewon though wherever they'll be, please!), Rainbow, A-Jax, Phantom, Boys Republic, C-Clown, The TRAX, History, Wonder Boyz, M.I.B, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, B.A.P (still following the members' solo releases of course) and Led Apple. May they all, and some members of still active groups we've seen leave on the way, shine wherever else they can in the future!

My rookie group phase is still going strong, especially after/while attending of their music shows and fansigns. Currently, I'm into Stray Kids after fighting it until District 9, The Boyz because they're precious, the Broduce 101 contestants (Season 2) - I'm still not over JBJ (minus Yongguk); ONEUS HAS COME BACK WITH A BOP and Yeo Hwanwoong was my pick, y'all; also, kindly stop sleeping on Kim Yongjin for real! -, all of Boys24 (Rubin and BC.. did THAT!!11), Pentagon and SF9. Part-time loving NCT, Seven O'Clock, A.C.E (Under Cover, check it out, peeps!), VAV (they're doing great!), Snuper (Sangho is my son, hope he gets better soon!), ON/OFF, NOIR (Doom Doom, baby!), A.Cian (if they ever return to Korea), Bigflo and N.Flying too - the rookie list never ends but I'll keep it up with them!

I also admit to watching Produce X 101 from before it started, was there for VICTON and Myteen (baes, all of them, the public better don't harrass Wooseok ever again) and will probably end up loving half of the others too, so... I'm going to suffer, but I'll be happy about it. Check them out for talent, my fixed picks so far are Jo Seungyoun, Park Sunho, Lee Hwan and Choi Suhwan! (also, someone hug Tony please and help him with Korean, I feel for him, really)

The list of my beloved "older" rookies who still deserve more success also seems to be getting longer: there's B.I.G, HALO, L.A.U, Cross Gene (even as only Koreans now), Hotshot (hellyah), MR. MR (at least Japan keeps them alive), M.Pire (I believe they'll come back, yep) and 100% are still in my heart. I include Two X as the only girl group here because I've kept loving them even during their super long hiatus, and want to see them back on variety shows - my girls were still SLAYING, so.

As soloists, I enjoy listening to Younha, Kim Feel, Seo In Guk, Sam Kim, John Park, J-Min and ALi very, very much.

I generally try listening to all sorts of other Korean stuff and some J-Rock (as in: UVERworld, One OK Rock (expect, sadly, the latest album), Cocoa Otoko) and Mandopop (Yoga Lin, JJ Lin, Hebe Tian - although they're all Taiwanese, to be correct - and Han Geng and Kris Wu a lot, too). "Indie" and "underground" are words that always intrigue me and Amoeba, AOMG and Brand New Entertainment are doing it right (including dropping San E, and doing the most for their rookies and KittiB). I'm a sucker for Samuel Seo's and Car the garden's voices and Rex.D is my aesthetic (listen to all his tracks, seriously). I also listen to mixtapes, probably too much (random recommendations at the moment: Junoflo who is slowly swerving into fame, Yumdda (underrated af, his voice is just -), LT (he's LIT!), Dino.T, my trap king Yoon San's Soundcloud, most of MKIT Rain, a bit of Just Music's older stuff, anything with Hash Swan in it, sometimes a good old chunk of Illionaire now that Zino is back.

Some more indie artist recs on a side note: H a lot, Perry Kim, Lulileela (the voice of Seoulmoon and Bye Bye Badman), iamnot (Hongdae loves them, folks, get with it) and Jung Joon Il's ballads that make me teary (I was a Mate fan for years, so), we hate jh and Goldmund.

I like watching variety shows, especially (the good old) All the K-Pop, New Journey to the West, Dream Team (rip), and Weekly Idol (... I'm not into the new format yet, though Idol Room took over well), as well as Sesame Player and the likes (basically, everything following new groups from the start, especially their own - MTV has countlessly destroyed me and I would like to thank Arirang for creating New which made me fangirl over groups whose existence was unknown to me before and still has me attached).

I can be enthusiastic about all kinds of dramas but my favourites are probably ones portraying great, youthful (usually male, I've noticed) friendships - thus, you see Tumbling and Shut Up Flower Boy Band listed at the top. Some romance is never wrong, either, although I lately can't take too much of it, it just gets boring after some time. Intelligent, thrilling storylines are preferred (whoever you are, go watch White Christmas!). Some silly ones have become my favourites, I don't know what happened there either. I also idealize the classics like Itazura na Kiss, Coffee Prince or A Gentleman's Dignity, it's my way of appreciating what I only belatedly watched and got into.

I have a very unhealthy obsession with unimportant, never-mentioned-again side characters and I ship people who don’t even know each other (I have a weird talent of foreseeing side-pairings before they happen, too). In my next life, I’ll be a professional matchmaker, just wanted to state that. You may have guessed it, but I also tend to have the common second male lead complex that frustrates me in 90% of romance dramas.

I watch dramas and films for the cast, music or because some idols recommended them. Sometimes, I watch them just for fun or because of a mood. I have a bad habit of wanting to finish everything I started, no matter how bad it is and how long it takes me - my ratings are also influenced by that, I usually don't give lower marks than 6 if I made it through them (but that also means that a lot are just left hanging in the air, . The list is long and I've got a long way to go, but I'm trying my best!

I will not get over Sung Joon's smirk in a lifetime and it's the reason I have watched some almost-too-idiotic romance dramas recently - he's probably my actor bias by now, I suppose. I think I had no chance there to begin with. Lee Min Ki is also fabulous, and both combined are perfect. #stillpromotingSUFBB

My most recent "bias wrecker" actor who combines everything a man should have is Lee Yi Kyung who works too much and is pure, raw talent, to my mind. Go watch him in anything now, he's a major hottie, as well, and finally getting more roles, so you better be prepared to see him

Regarding some other actors: Baek Sung Hyun's voice has me head over heels for years now, and I do not want to stop watching dramas with him in it, like, ever (I might be one of the only people who watches dramas mainly for HIS side roles - and he is usually cast in dramas with lots of other good actors in them - but it's true! When is that army hiatus over, seriously, it barely started and I'm suffering from withdrawal). Moreover, I try to watch anything Kang Ha Neul, Kwak Jung Wook or Lee Ji Hoon are in because their talent must be recognized. Kim Woo Bin (I'm an atheist and still praying for him, okay? Hope he'll get better soon!), I have always forseen his rising fame, is included in that list, too, of course (him, and the model clique!). Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk probably plans on being the death of me one of these days - "I Hear Your Voice" has proven as much whenever I rewatch it (also, serve well, my dude, we'll wait patiently for you!). I am majorly getting into Park Bo Gum, Ji Soo and Lee Won Gun these days and don't regret it one bit. I also have a thing for Kim Jae Wook, Ji Chang Wook (he's back!!), Lee Sun Gyun and Gong Yoo (I mean, who doesn't? If only for the legendary coffee CFs), and no, I don't want to conclude this never-ending list of male actors I like. There are simply too many and it will grow, yep.

I was and am a huge Harry Potter fan, the Marauders have had me drooling ever since, and I like Neville, Hermione, Draco and the Quidditch teams a lot, too. My newest favourite hobby is sorting K-idols into the houses and if I may say so, I'm quite good at that... sometimes.

I also lovelovelove me some nostalgic American and British TV series, including The OC, Veronica Mars (NEW SEASON. IS. HAPPENING. THIS IS NO DRILL.), Gossip Girl, Doctor Who, Skins and Merlin. I have literally no interest or clue about anything that came out after, like, 2008, though, if it isn't BBC or Asian - but then again, this ain't what MDL is about, right!

Basically, if I don't obsess over idols and actors, there's plenty of other stuff I enjoy obsessing over! Hooray for the fangirl life! (Maybe I'm just doomed, and don't really care)

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 The avatar picture is not mine, either. Although I wish the boy on it was and I won't even cross that sentence out to emphasise its relevance.)


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