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Wherever dramaland carries me off to... ^^


Wherever dramaland carries me off to... ^^

Like everyone here,

(great place by the way, MyDramaList) I am a total sucker for stories. Have been since childhood, had fantastic adults around me whom loved to read aloud! Really, is there anything better than losing yourself in a story; books, film, tv-series, cartoons, comics, manga, anime, music, people, the list goes on!

And thanks to a friend of my younger sister I was introduced to the world of aisan dramas in 2010. Up until then I thought I was quite versatile in the choice of my different stories. Boy, was I wrong. And I have loved every minute of being proved wrong. It is a wonderful experience to embrace a new culture through their modern storytelling.

But please remember! I am an incurable dreamer, so do not expect to find any logic or reason in my ratings or reviews (if you find any...haha... I usually only review orally or in my head, sorry). Since entering the land of drama the only thing steering me from story to story is emotion. This shines through in my ratings, which funny enough, sometimes even I find illogical. Therefore it is not uncommon that i go back and rerate after some time has passed and my reason has returned ;)


                                                          But it is all good fun, really.

                                       And I am enjoying myself immensely. Hope you are too! 

                                                         Live Long And Prosper!


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