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The reason why I'm here is that I am one of those crazy Korean drama fans. Here I have my favourite actor or drama lists. And I will include now a 'Turkish Drama 101' kind of text as well for the ones who are interested in.

Turkey is one of those primary ‘Drama Heaven’s in the world. There are zillions of, tons of TV dramas that are on air in many countries.  However for non-mainstream, selective eyes that look for high quality by all means the Turkish drama list becomes relatively shorter. 

Here I wanted to share a list containing some of the blue ribbon pieces since I have come across similar questions in the forum from time to time. Unfortunately I don’t have a particular list that includes the sources where one can find those dramas with english subtitles.

Before the list, here are a couple of clues about Turkish dramas:

  • There is almost always a romantic plot in the heart of any drama, in any genre.
  • Apart from the main theme, there are many sub plots in majority of Turkish dramas just like the American ones.
  • Maybe not in light- easy to forget dramas that you only watch for spending some fun time, but in good quality dramas happy ending is definitely not a must. You usually find hope in the end but there is not a happy- end rule.
  • You can hardly find supernatural themes in Turkish dramas.  

Period Dramas                                       Hatırla Sevgili/ Cemberimde Gul Oya/ Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman ki
Action And Crime Dramas             Karadayı/ Kara Para Ask/ Ucurum/ Behzat C/ Son/ Ezel/ Ufak Tefek Cinayetler/ Hatırla Gönül/  Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne/ Poyraz Karayel/ Bicak Sirti/ Bana Sevmeyi Anlat
Romance Stories                                   Bir İstanbul Masalı/ Asi
Romantic Comedies                           Seni Bana Yazmislar/ Tatlı İntikam/ Ask Yeniden
Adventure And Comedy                  Ulan İstanbul
Heart Warming Family Stories   Canım Ailem/ Yabancı Damat/ Gonul Isleri
Family Sagas and Melodramas    Kuzey ve Güney/ Kayip Sehir/ Gunesin Kizları/ Cesur ve Güzel/ Asmali Konak/ Istanbullu Gelin/ Bir Bulut Olsam/ Kara Sevda
Web Dramas                                           Fi/ Masum/ Dip/ Sahsiyet

Adaptations and Remakes

Although there are more adaptations today then there were 10 years ago, Turkish production companies -except a couple of ones- prefer original stories. In recent years we tend to have more Korean drama adaptations on air. However producers usually create very loose adaptations instead of just copying them.

Korean Drama Adaptations

There have been a lot of Korean drama remakes in Turkish channels, but the following are the ones that are somewhat better in quality. Especially ‘Hayat Sarkisi’ can be considered as a real masterpiece.

  1. Hayat Sarkisi                Flames of Desire
  2. Paramparça                  Autumn in My Heart
  3. Seviyor Sevmiyor      She was Pretty
  4. Kalp Atisi                        Doctors
  5. Yuksek Sosyete           High Society
  6. Iliski Durumu Karisik           Full House
  7. Bir Ask Hikayesi         I’m Sorry I Love You
  8. Kiraz Mevsimi             A Gentleman's Dignity
  9. No 309                            Fated to Love You
  10. Kiralik Ask                     Can Love Become Money
  11. Gunesi Beklerken      Boys Over Flowers

Japanese Drama Adaptations

We have two vey powerful examples that are very successful in terms of both ratings and production quality.

  1. Anne               Mother
  2. Kadin              Woman

Other Adaptations

Again the following are the selected successful ones

  1. Icerde                                       USA  ‘The Departed’
  2. Suskunlar                               USA  ‘Sleepers’
  3. Medcezir                                USA ‘ The OC’
  4. Kucuk Sirlar                          USA  ‘Gossip Girl’
  5. Kavak Yelleri                        USA  ‘Dawson’s Creek’
  6. Umutsuz Ev Kadınları     USA 'Desperate Housewives'
  7. Galip Derviş                          USA  ‘Monk’
  8. Seref Meselesi                     ITALY   ‘Onore e Rispetto’
  9. Bizim Hikaye                        USA  ‘Shameless’


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