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I watch on the following platform with paid subscription:

I will pay subscription on other platform if they are showing a series or Anime I am interested to watch.

What I watch:

  1. Sageuk/Historical series or movie
  2. BL 
  3. Mystery ( I am a Dee Renjie fan)
  4. Rom-Com
  5. Wuxia
  6. Anime

My viewing circle revolved around but not limited to:

  1. Korean
  2. Japanese
  3. Taiwanese
  4. Chinese
  5. Thai

I am partial to period series or movies that doesn't focus or doesnt have romance, but I will watch them if artists I like are in it.

I am not a professional critic so my reviews and feedback are my own perspectives and not a personal attack on the artists or any member of the pproduction.My review is the work itself and the entire production. I respect other feedbacks that I usually check and read when deciding to watch a series or a movie. It is a factor when I am deciding to spend time watching the series or a movie.

I welcome respectful feedback even if it doesn't agree with mine but key word "respectful" is strongly requested. Our views can't always be the is expected to be different than yours. We can agree to disagree. 

Let us enjoy and take advantage of what this platform offers which is freedom to express our feedback and perspective on what we watch. 


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