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United Kingdom

I always loved films but when I discovered East-Asian movies and dramas 3 years ago, my world was literally turned upside down. What a whirlpool of emotions and endless entertainment! So many hours spent giggling or crying (usually the former) in front of my computer screen...  

Although I enjoy the occasional heart wrenching drama, when it comes down to it, I'm all about romance and happy endings. I love the sensation in my stomach when  I start a new show and I just know I will get my fill of "easy fluff and fun" (and hopefully a few decent kiss scenes with some handsome leads!). 

So you will have guessed, my favourite genre is Romantic Comedy (and this was new to me as western Rom Coms are usually not for me!). I also really enjoy a good Sci-Fi/Fantasy  or historical movie/drama but it's always better if there is (at least in the background) some romance with a happy/satisfying ending =p. 

I've watched dramas from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China and Thailand and really love how they all have their own unique style and charm.  

I enjoy Jdramas/movies so much (some are totally hilarious) that I started learning Japanese and, coincidentally, my teacher became one of my closest friends. It's crazy how similar one can be to another person despite coming from entirely different cultures and backgrounds! I simply can't wait to go there and discover more about the culture through my own eyes...

I am somewhat obsessed with dramas/movies based on Mangas (Itazura Na Kiss being the first obvious one; just can't get my fill!). See my lists of favourite movies and dramas to get a better idea =)

One thing East-Asian dramas have made me discover is BL. I stumbled upon Lovesick one day on Netflix and (despite the low budget, multiple story lines which I skipped through except for the BL and the product placements) absolutely loved it. The two main leads were somewhat inexperienced actors in series 1 (which was fine as they played high school kids anyway) and yet managed to beautifully portray (often without words) what real, simple and pure love is about better than so many straight movies/dramas. I feel that if everyone watched this show once in their life, the world would be a much better place... I actually "forced" my husband to sit through it just to open his mind! Bless him - he is just amazing and puts up with my random shrieking when a new season of my favourite drama is announced... 

My ratings are subjective and based entirely on how much I enjoyed watching the drama/movie. I can rate 10/10 a drama with lots of flaws if I think the emotions portrayed were spot on (for me) - It would also usually mean that I would re-watch over and over ... :)


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