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Washington DC


Washington DC

今晩は 皆さん, you can call me Ginger. I am 28 and from the capital of the US (Washington DC if you did not know). I was born under the sign of Gemini in year of the rabbit (兎/토끼띠). Being the bearer of a creative soul, I love doing artistic things. 

My hobbies include: cooking & eating (desserts are my favorite), reading, writing, making jewelry, learning languages, pixeling & computer graphics, watching anime & movies, playing video games and photography.  

My favorite actives include: soccer, martial arts (took Taekwondo as a kid & I still like to kick) and rollerblading. 

Things I ♥: sweets, kids (as long as they are not savages), pets, music, hats & sunny days. 

My pet peeves are: pests (bugs, human or otherwise) & ugly food. 

I love watching foreign films/shows because I have a thing for languages. As far as Asian films, I would say there are two major stages in my development that probably show heavily in my list. I say films because I don't watch a lot of dramas. One of my uncles, heavily influenced the first period of my movie watching. He is a fan of the old school martial arts movies coming out of Hong Kong. So to speak, this where I first cut my teeth. The second period came around when I got older and made the switch to homeschooling. Not having such a rigid schedule, I was able to watch the late night blocks on channels like Starz Edge, IFC, Sundance and TCM. This exposed me to lot of Asian horror and, in the case of TCM, older Japanese movies. 

Country: First Movie ★ First Drama
China: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ☆ Take My Brother Away
Hong Kong: Drunken Master ★ TBA
Japan: Ichi the Killer ☆ Atelier
South Korea: Volcano High ★ Coffee Prince
Taiwan: The Heirloom ☆ TBA
Thailand: Ong Bak ★ TBA
Vietnam: Clash ☆ TBA

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Things I need to add to the database:

Want to See:
Prince of the Himalayas - (2006) 

Haven't Finished/Watching: 
Blue Cha Cha - 深海 - (2005), Clan of the White Lotus - 洪文定三破白莲教 - (1980), Mad Monkey Kung Fu - 瘋猴 - (1979), Sword Stained with Royal Blood - 碧血劍 - (1982), The Flying Dagger - 飛刀手 - (1969), The Victim - 目露凶光 - (1999), The Young Tiger - 小老虎 - (1973)

Kid from Kwangtung (1982) − 廣東靚仔玉, Ku_on (2013) − 7/20/2017, Marco Polo (1975) (aka "The Four Assassins") − 馬哥波羅, Lady Yakuza () − 7/21/2017, My Young Auntie (1981) − 長輩 | 长辈, Shaolin Prince (1982) − 少林傳人, Temple of the Red Lotus (1965) − 江湖奇俠, The Longest Nite (1998) − 暗花 − 7/28/2017, The Man Who Caught the Storm (1979) − Pokpungeul 자븐 사나이 − 3/5/2018, The Return of the Sister Street Fighter (1975) − って来た女必殺拳, Vengeance Is a Golden Blade (1969) − 飛燕金刀


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