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Lost in the Cloud....


Lost in the Cloud....
Crush on You thai drama review
Crush on You
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by Giuca
May 24, 2023
7 of 7 episodes seen
Overall 5.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 2.5
This review may contain spoilers
It will probably take me longer to write the review of this "series" than it took me to watch it. Or maybe not since there is nothing much to say about it.

Crush on you is a series of ads plugging the cosmetics from a thai version of Sephora stores. One boy is a salesman the other a customer who has a crush on the him so he keeps going back to the store to see him and buy additional cosmetics. We do get some "significant" banter between the leads but the actors cannot act though they are pretty to see and have cute smiles and colorful sweaters. One min episodes do not let you really discover any significant music though I liked the song at the end of ep 1 which was cut short after 20seconds.

Vertical dramas are not my cup of tea, really! But I only wasted 7 min on it (with additional 10 to write this !) so it is not too bad! I've done worse before...
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