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In Heaven


In Heaven


Here are a few facts about me:

  1. My name is Maria 
  2. I'm 19 years old
  3. I was born in Romania but moved to England in 2008
  4. I have been watching Anime and Asian drama for a few years. It's just a guess but I think, 9 years for anime and 7 years for dramas.
  5. I am currently learning to play the Piano and Ukulele 

Current Favourite Songs

Favourite Dramas:

1. You're Beautiful

This is the first K-drama I ever saw! It's very nostalgic to me but looking back it isn't actually the great drama I remember. It kind of lost its value over time but I still re-watch this from time to time.

2. Flower Boy Next Door

It's weird that I only found out about the amount of dramas I watched with PSH but I guess it's normal since she's one of my fave actress. This drama was amazing and the main leads made such a cute couple. I also found myself relating to Go Dok Mi (played by PSH) because I'm sort of antisocial and don't wanna step outside my comfort zone or talk to people.

3. Heartstrings

Heartstrings is an awesome story about two people who both hold their type of music very closely to their heart. It's fun to watch their relationship develop while both chasing their different but similar paths meanwhile enduring the hardships that life brings.

4. Pinocchio

Another thing I forgot to mention is that I love 'police/detective' themed drama I have an interest in that career. I know things aren't accurate in drama compared to real life but I just loved Pinocchio even though it's about reporters, it had everything I was looking for in my ideal drama.

5. Cruel Romance

Cruel Romance is a Chinese drama and it was honestly a masterpiece, it made me fall in love with both actors and it was so cute. I had no idea what to do with my life after watching this, I was staring into space saying 'now what?' for about a week.

6. Gu Family Book

Also very nostalgic and it's a drama I could watch countless times, anywhere and anytime without getting bored of it. I don't even remember the amount of times I re-watched this, I wasn't keeping count but I promise I watched it so many times and will watch it again no doubt.

7. School 2013

I watch this types of dramas to take a break from all the cheesy romance. I was so amazed how the first episode is all it took to get me interested in this drama. I like school(/music) dramas too like 'Dream High'.

8. Hwarang

Never expected to like this drama so much to be honest, it was boring at times and the main girl lead got really annoying at some point but I managed to ignore it. So I did enjoy most of this drama so it became one of my favourites.

9. Blood

I love supernatural/fantasy as well so this hit every mark there was. It was intense and interesting and something unique you can go back to. It has so many good actors and I appreciate this drama a lot.

These dramas are not in order I just equally love them all they're just a few of the dramas I enjoyed but if you like what you see here, feel free to check out my 'watch list'. I recommend all the dramas on this list go ahead and watch them :)

Feel free to send me friend requests! I'd love to meet all of you awesome people! <3


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