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You'll never see truthful lines like this in American television.

I saw this on someone else's page and thought I should do a little updating so you know more about me:

5/15/2019  - General dramas questions you might ask me:

I probably started seriously watching asian dramas in about 2012 when my daughter was home from school for the holidays and suggested we watch Goong. 

As of today, I’ve listed 426 finished dramas but as I started watching two years before I found MDL, I’ve probably watched more.

I still love Korean dramas the best but Chinese and Thai dramas are up and comers for me. I hardly ever watch reality shows because their subtitles are so flashy and random that I find it hard to knit while watching.  And knitting is really my life, after asian dramas!

My favorite drama of all time might be In Time With You but I’ve rewatched Scarlet Heart a zillion times so I’m not sure anymore! I think I like historical dramas the most followed by romance or mystery. The drama that I obsessed the most about so far has  got to be Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. I live watched in over my phone (after clearing my mornings for those two days!), watched it subbed in the afternoon and posted a long series of commentaries on my Tumblr page. I still miss it even though it was not my favorite story. Right up next to SHR on my favorite list is Farewell My Princess. It has all the drama plot points that I love - hard work, personal achievement, love and romance, the leads have secrets and REGRET. 

Yes, I love it when one of the leads has severe regret after leaving their love! Bring on the regret!

For me, I regret watching Boys Over Flowers. I know that was a starter drama for a lot of people but practically every one of those characters were horrible and the only ones I liked got pushed out of the story line. 

My favorite older drama is the Thai drama Sai Roong from 1998. It has the young lovely Anne T. as the heroine and the weirdly attractive (it certainly can’t be for his acting!) Johnny Anfone as the hero. I probably re-watch this every couple of months. My favorite older k-drama is still 1% of Anything because of Da Da’s wonderful family.  My favorite older Hong Kong drama is A Step into The Past because of smirky Louis Koo.

Tra Barb See Chompoo is the most recent drama to bother me. It was just ever so slightly off. I originally watched it for my favorite new Thai actress (Bua Nalinthip Sakulongumpai) and director (Sarasawadee Wongsompetch - watch her "Kiss Me" series and the movie "Yes or No" right now!) but it was as if they took a more adult storyline (quite frankly, if Ken had done these things, it would be a full-out "slap/kiss") and toned it down to suit the more juvenile actors. Or perhaps the time it aired at night? BUT - no one really worked, no one was ever shown studying even after four years in college, no one was shown doing more than a chaste kiss, people who visited the hospital used the same hospital room and no one ever listened to their elders! It was just all very fake. The actors were all so top notch that I felt bad they had to work with such a plastic storyline.

As of today, I'm really enjoying Put Your Head on My Shoulder (2019). It has such a realistic school vibe and the leads have both a sweet and slow moving romance. You as the viewer understand the tears and fears that come from growing any relationship. Plus - I'm a sucker for silly height differences, ie. tall boy/short girl or vice versa.

As a long term enjoyment, the not-very-complicated-but-meaningful La Ong Dao has been my crack drama for the last year. I've been just putting in on repeat play - either the unsubbed playlist on YouTube or fan-subbed episodes from elsewhere - and letting it fly. The unspoken love! The regret! The great friendships! The well-deserved ending for the villainess! The food! The knitting!

Happy Viewing!


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